About Us

At Hawaii Cancer Care, your care is our top priority. Our highly trained medical team uses a multidisciplinary approach to deliver cancer treatment in Hawaii that is individualized and precision based. We recognize the need to provide our patients with supportive services in addition to medical treatment. We can provide you with comprehensive medical care and support right here on O’ahu. Our local approach allows you to surround yourself with your support network of family and friends as you embark on your healing journey.

Our doctors and medical staff are highly recognized medical professionals with years of experience with cancer treatment in Hawaii. The doctors of Hawaii Cancer Care have the expertise required to treat many types of cancers and blood disorders utilizing the latest treatment procedures and medical technology available today. We also have access to a broad range of clinical trial programs to further the advancement of new and effective cancer therapies and medications. Our team is here for your support and ready to assist you with your treatment needs.

Our philosophy for medical care includes a striving commitment to provide the best patient experience possible for cancer treatment in Hawaii. Our experienced medical team has a strong belief that support is just as important as medical treatment. We believe that it is our responsibility to continuously provide our patients with the latest in medical information to promote optimal treatment outcomes. Providing our patients with the emotional support and educational programs required to deal with the effects of cancer and its treatment is what makes our medical team special.