New Patient Information

We are here for your support and ready to assist you in every step of your treatment journey. Our medical offices accept most major insurance plans. If you are not covered by health insurance for your visit or any of the treatments we provide, we may be able to assist you with costs or make special financial arrangements for our services.

Becoming Our Patient in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Contact Our Offices

Call one of our medical office locations or submit the  New Patient Inquiry Form. Our New Patient Liaison will proceed to contact you in order to verify your insurance and pre-authorization for treatment. We will then schedule your initial appointment.

Step 2

Appointment Preparation

Prior to visiting our medical office, the following documents and medical forms will be required:

Step 3

Evaluation & Treatment

Our medical team will perform an initial evalualtion by reviewing your medical records and health history. We may also perform some initial tests and procedures. Once your health evaluation is completed, we will guide you through your initial treatment options.

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